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Sample of Registered no. of HK Post - RA128668897HK

Sample of Registered no. of DE Post - RV316123972DE

Sample of Registered no. of TW Post - RR665346921TW

1) Use the registered no. to track
2) You can check the "Delivered Status" from the "destination country website" such as send to US, must go to view at US Post Website
3) After receiving registered no., you can track the status of Departure Date from the registered post website such as RA128668897HK means HK Post, you must use HK Post Website to track departure date

4) Transit time, which you can start track deliver status of your registered items are
AP - 5 Working Days
EU - 7 Working Days
US - 14 Working Days
Rest of the world - 14-21 Working Days

5) In case you don't find the tracking information of registered items, you can open enquiry after 14 days from posting date. Please see claim process from the claim procedure
6) Some websites required the posting date, you can see from the saving file name of Reverse Alert of DHL (It means the date DHL Global Mail send to Post, it's not your shipemnt date.

Remark; For the website, which is not in English, you can use the recommended website for translating.

Website for Tracking from Origin PostTrack & Trace Instruction | Website for Tracking from Origin Post

1. Registered Number with RAxxxxxxxxxHK

2. Registered Number with RVxxxxxxxxxDE or RGxxxxxxxxxDE or 94.115 xxx xxx.xx

3. Registered Number with RAxxxxxxxxxGB

4. India - Registered Number of 11 digits, destined to India (Username and Password: DHLglobalmail)

5. Registered Number with RRxxxxxxxxxSG

6. Registered Number to Australia

7. Registered Number with RRxxxxxxxxxTW

Other Destination Post Website that can be Tracked;Track & Trace Instruction | Other Destination Post Website that can be Tracked;

1. Albania

2. Argentina

3. Armenia

4. Azerbaijan

5. Belgium

6. Bosnia and Herzegovena

7. Bulgarian Post

8. Brazil Correios (Local Language)

9. Canada Post

10. Chile

11. China Post

12. Croatia

13. Cyprus

14. Czech Republic Post

15. Denmark Post

16. Ecuador Post

17. Egypt post

18. Estonia

19. Finland

20. Finland

21. Greece

Germany (DE Tracking Number)

Germany (HK and TW Tracking Number)

23. Hungary

24. Iceland

25. Indonisia Post(select Registered mail)

26. Iran

27. Ireland Post (select track list)

28. Israel

29. Japan Post (select EMS)

30. Jordan

31. Kazakhstan Post

32. Korea Post (South Korea --> select International Registered Item)

33. Latvia

34. Lithuania

35. Luxembourg

36. Macedonia

37. Malta Post

38. Mauritius Island Post

39. Mexico Post -->English --> Track and Trace

40. New Zealand Post

41. Norway Post

42. Pakistan

43. Peru post

44. Poland

45. Portugal

46. Puerto Rico ( Find out at USPS)!input.action

47. Qatar Post

48. Romania post (Track&Trace urmarire electronica --> click to Raport detaliat for more detail)

49. Russian Post

50. Saudi Arabia Post

51. Singapore Post

52. Slovakia

53. Slovenia

54. Spain Correos

55. Sri Lanka (username: slpost and password slpost)

56. Swenden

57. Swiss Post

58. Taiwan Post

59. Turkey Post

60. UAE – Emirates Post

61. Ukraine Post

62. USPS!input.action

63. Vanuatu

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